Camera in window dropdown

i have camera plugged up and me computer recognize it as “lightburn camera” when i go to light burn program and click the windows tab to select the camera option it give me the camera bubble and has the “lightburn camera” as a option and that’s where it stops when i select the camera it does nothing else so whats your option ?

What operating system do you use?

could you tell me how to find that ?

Right-click on “My Computer” in a Windows explorer box (assuming you’re on Windows). and click “About this computer” or something like that. It should tell you.

I’m going to take a wild guess that it’s Windows 7, which would mean you don’t have the drivers that LightBurn uses to talk to the camera. You can download them from this link:

and thats why you get paid the big bucks ! that got something started

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ok so downloaded that and have the camera in the drop down and its viewing when i click “ok” or save it does nothing

I have no idea what you mean by that. Can you show a screen shot of where you’re finding it and clicking “ok”? Have you watched the video that walks through the camera calibration and alignment stuff?

started and i will finish that before asking any more dumb questions thanks for your help

ok when it tell you to click the windows tab and select the camera and it is suppose to show it in tabs to the right mine doesn’t to that

ok so i have it working and all is good but it still wot give me a camera tab by the cut tab i have to go to windows every time i want the camera

You might just need to dock the camera view - drag it over the middle of the cuts list. When the cuts list turns blue, drop the camera window and it should dock. You can rearrange the tabs, too.

that worked perfect ! thanks for your help

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