Camera installation

I want to ask before proceeding as the wire that attaches to the camera looks very delicate. 60 degree camera. Hoe can I tell which way the plug goes in so I don’t try to put it in upside down?

Examine the connector with the wires and you’ll see that the openings are closer to one edge than to the other. Examine the connector on the camera and you’ll see that the pins are closer to one edge than the other. Match the close edges and gently insert the connector.

I put a drop of hot glue on top of the connector just to hold it.

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Thank you! Got someone with younger eyes to help :slight_smile: :grinning:

The connector actually has small tabs on the sides to prevent it being inserted incorrectly, but I do appreciate that you checked instead of forging ahead. :slight_smile:

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Preface: I love hot glue. I find every excuse to use it. AND I own a Fasten Master gun.

I was tearing my plasma cutter down last week. I was installing a 20’ 10 AWG 240V power cord / replacing the short 5’ “13” AWG (it was metric cable) cord that it came with. The fan headers on one of the boards had the plugs secured with just a tiny dab of hot glue. It held really well. I wondered why I had never done that before.

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