Camera is aligned then looses alignment with laser

I have my laser mounted secure, my camera is mounted secure, I run the calibration and the alignment, and everything is good for a while, then its out of align, I have to re calibrate it for it to work, every time.

Realign or recalibrate?

The Lens calibration is a fairly rugged bit of math and it’s pretty stable, exportable and recoverable.

Alignment shouldn’t get lost either.

If the material thickness is changed the alignment can ‘look wrong’ for the part but the work surface that was aligned is still correct. This can cause a lot of confusion.

Barring that…

Are you using a shared directory, OneDrive, removable storage, or anything like that for LightBurn? We occasionally see data loss in Files and Settings.

The Camera calibration and alignment may be in the lbprefs file.

In LightBurn click File, click Load Prefs Backup, and select a file that corresponds to a day when the camera was working well.

If the alignment is correct then it’s possible that it was related to File or data loss.

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