camera is mirrored between alignment and image captured

when I calibrate the camera the top of the image is the front of my laser. However when I overlay the image to a drawing the bottom of the image is the front of the laser. So when I actually try to align a drawn object to the capture image it does not align the laser cut. What I need is to rotate the image 180 degrees in the alignment or be able to rotate the capture image in the drawing 180 degrees. I don’t understand why the camera image orientation during the alignment is 180 degree rotate from the captured image when using it in a drawing. Else I would have to have the alignment EXACTLY symmetrical front to back for the alignment to work.

After aligning your camera, you should see the corner markers in the overlay, starting back left with 1, to front left 4.


If that is not the case for you? Then please redo the alignment and make sure that you click on each numbered corner marker in the correct order, it’s the order that you click on the markers that determines the final orientation, and it’s the final orientation that matters.

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