Camera is mirrored

I had an old camera for a few years, and just bought an 8mp camera, this new camera image is mirrored and upside down, I cant figure how to fix it, any ideas?

When you do the setup, it asks you to click on β€œ1 2 3 4” in order to set that.

If you do them out of order, the image will be flipped.

no, it actually is already mirrored on that stage

Is the camera physically mounted 180 from what you want? What do you see if you don’t use LB and instead just open Windows Camera viewer?

It opens normally

actually it is also mirrored, I tried the camera on a MAC, and the same issue.
The camera is both upside down and mirrored, I fliped it on the install, so now its only mirrored.
any ideas?

On the setup, it actually burned the 1,2,3,4 mirrored too ?? wierd

Are you sure your machine origin setting is correct for your laser? Do normal designs burn reversed?

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