Camera isn't working

We just got our lightburn camera… installed it on the laser… plugged it in and… nothing… the laptops don’t even see the camera. Every thing is plugged in properly but … nothing… did we get a faulty camera?.. we have upgraded to the latest version of lightburn so 9.11. What should we do?

What OS? Windows 7 possibly?

We have Windows 10 installed.

Have a read here and let us know what you find.

If you’re on Win 10, try running the Windows camera app and click the ‘Switch view’ button to see if it finds / uses the camera. If that works, then it’s a permissions issue. If it doesn’t work, check that the cable connection is seated properly, and that you’re not using a USB extension. If none of that is the issue, then it’s possible the cable or camera are faulty. We’ll get you sorted out.

Done both… will not come up in device manager even as a unrecognized device

Is there any programs that could interfere with the machine being able to see the camera?

If it’s not coming up, chances are that the cable is bad. I’ll send a replacement straight away and if that doesn’t fix it we’ll replace the camera.

Thank you so much
You have excellent customer service

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