Camera Mis-Alignment Issues

Hey guys and gals. I need help with a Lightburn Camera Set up. I have watched 4 videos to make sure I am doing all the steps correctly and still having problems. Thus the reason I am bothering you all. I have a Lightburn 150 set into the hood of my case.
I ran the setup and got scores all below 0.30, some as low as 0.15. I then ran the calibration and was able to accuratley hone into all 4 cross hairs without difficulty. I then select finished and try to run a test circle inside the circle on the calibration and this is what I get. I have tried both absolute coordinates and user coordinates starting from the home position with similar problem. When I try to position the laser into the crosshairs of the 1 and the 3 it brings the laser to about 4 inches BELOW the mark. I have tried running the calibration 4 times with same result. It worked correctly once when I first installed the camera and then never again. Any suggestions? In one of the photos you can see how far below the center circle the circle actually burned in.

My mount and connection is rock solid. I have no shocks and hinges are tight.

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