Camera mount Ortur Laser Master 2

hello, i have recently bought an Ortur Laser Master 2 and have been impressed with the Lightburn software so I think I will purchase a license and continue to use it.
I want to use the engraver and software to burn my logo and customisations onto hardwood cutting boards and I think a camera will help me.
I have used the selection tool and settled on a camera that I will purchase from Lightburn to ensure compatability but I was wondering how I would get the camera to be exactly centred and above my engraving space as the laser is open rather than in a cabinet.
Has anyone got any recommendations for a mount to buy or advice on how to build one?

Ben Myers from @myerswoodshop has 3D printed mounts for the Ortur, I think. Worth a look.

It’s actually my buddy,
here’s the etsy shop:

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That looks ideal and I think I’ll get one. However, I though the camera needed to be directly above the center of the engraving area looking down square. If I’m going to have it at the back looking on at an angle do I need to factor that in when choosing the camera to purchase from lightburn (or lens)
I’m new to this so it’s a bit overwhelming with the complexity of the setup and software :grimacing:

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