Camera needed for my machine

Hello I am new, I am looking for a camera for my ortur master 2 pro. I have no clue which camera to get I know my mount this is it UPDATED VERSION Ortur Version 2 Lightburn Camera Mount | Etsyk_Cj0KCQjwvLOTBhCJARIsACVldV1S-ZinuXPzsTaeYdLe__SL6vuVbBzpX3texORw8kb-dfoW6Jl4eHYaAvE8EALw_wcB_k&utm_content=go_12566250689_114687952010_507300502214_aud-1184785539978:pla-349009377264_m__820135056_468310618&utm_custom2=12566250689&gclid=Cj0KCQjwvLOTBhCJARIsACVldV1S-ZinuXPzsTaeYdLe__SL6vuVbBzpX3texORw8kb-dfoW6Jl4eHYaAvE8EALw_wcB it is from rowdy roman. What camera is good for this?

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