Camera not coming up in LightBurn

So now that I’ve resolved the previous issue with camera, on to the next one. Seems as if the camera locks up when I quit LB and then reopen it. It shows in the list, but not getting any picture from it. When I unplug and replug it, I get no notification that it’s being connected(windows ding). I was able to reboot earlier and it started working again, but hoping to avoid this as I usually have things I’m working on open.

Windows 10 Camera app says it can’t be recognized and says to update drivers/make sure you’re using the right ones.

Check to make sure the cable is seated properly on both ends. Are you running the camera through an extension of any kind, or just through the cable it came with?

I haven’t seen mentioned that in order for a USB camera to work for LightBurn (and for the most part any application), you need to be sure no other application has taken control of it. For example, the camera won’t be available to LightBurn (show a picture in LightBurn) if you have opened up the camera app for Windows 10 and have the LightBurn camera chosen.

Likewise, if you have LightBurn opened first using the camera and then try to use that same camera in MS Teams, Zoom, Skype, or the Camera app, it won’t show a picture.

Maybe it would help if LightBurn gave similar warning as the camera app in windows:

@LightBurn just the cable it came with, both ends are seated fine.

@Stroonzo it’s definitely not in use by anything else. I can unplug and replug it with no noise from windows alerting to the lost/found if that makes sense. I’ve had to reboot to get it to come back.

Well, never rebooted and today an update came up on LB. Installed and now it works fine, I’ve updated layout and closed, repeated steps and still working great. Thanks everyone for the help!

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