Camera Not showing in Consol Mode when using extender cable

Recently Purchased a new Laguna Smartshop EX150 Laser and promptly purchased the Lightburn 110 degree 8MP Camera to go with it.

When I plug your USB directly into my computer it sees the camera in the camera control tab without issue.

However, the USB cord isn’t long enough to reach from where it’s mounted on our laser out to our computer. This drove us to drill a hole in our machine and then put in a plug, grab a USB A—>USB A and plug it into our computer. We used a USB 3.0 6ft cable and mirrored what someone else on a Laguna form was doing.

Unfortunately we can’t see the camera in the drop down tab of the camera controller. I thought that perhaps we needed a powered ISB connector due to the distance the signal JA’d to travel through the USB. However I spoke with the guy whose design we copied and not only was his unpowered but it was 10’ long (again ours only 6’)

image image I’m at a bit of a loss. Any insight or ideas?

Try a different connector or a different USB cable. If the camera works with the cable the camera came with then it has to be something you added.

When I put my camera in my machine I put a usb hub inside the machine and connected the camera to that along with the usb to the controller. Then attached the panel usb cable to the usb hub. So far so good with my connection and I only have 1 usb cable running to the machine.

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Update. Usb hub inside the machine is not a good idea. Keeps disconnecting.

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