Camera not working Win XP 64

bonjour a tous, mois aussi j’ai le même problème alors que cela fonctionnais très bien, après la dernière mise a jour j’ai essayer le réglage aligner la camera sur tête et depuis plus moyen de revenir en arrière,
si quelle qu’un a une solution je suis preneur

hello to all, I also have the same problem even though it was working very well, after the last update I tried the setting align the camera on head and since then there is no way to go back,
if anyone has a solution i’m a taker

Your profile says that you’re working with Windows XP 64 bit.
I believe the camera reset (away from head-mounted) will be in the new release in the next day or two.

merci de votre retour :wink:

thank you for your feedback :wink:

Can you release the head mounted camera calibration?

LightBurn is not supported on Windows XP - are you actually running XP? We require Windows 7 or later.

tout a bien fonctionner, j’utilise un vieux pc qui est attribuer pour mon laser et ma cnc et effectivement je ne suis pas sur xp mais windows 7 c’est une erreure de ma part

everything worked well, I use an old pc which is attributed for my laser and my cnc and indeed I am not on xp but windows 7 it is an error on my part

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