Camera on a Shapeoko

I’m using Lightburn with a Jtech diode laser on a Shapeoko XXL cnc, I purchased a Logitech c615 webcam.
I mounted the camera above my cnc table, and I have the camera recognized by Lightburn no problem.
I have a window of 11.5 by 16" which I am fine with, I can get the camera to through part 1 of the wizard.
But when it’s time to do part 2, the gantry goes all the way to the bottom left corner. I checked and do have the control moving correctly in the x an y axis and z.

Do you have limit switches and homing enabled on your machine, and have it working correctly when running with “Absolute Coords” as the “Start From” mode? The camera has to work in this mode for exact positioning.

It homes but I did not try it in abs.

I got it to work, problem was I did not start off with the machine homed.