Camera out of focus and calibration wizard doesn't see the circle pattern

I don’t see any way to manually focus the camera. I’ve read earlier posts that say you can do so, but I see no way of doing it. I assume that because the image is out of focus, the wizard doesn’t recognize the circle pattern. I’m at a loss here. I don’t remember which 8M camera I bought and the site doesn’t recognize my login, so I can’t even see my purchases. So frustrated with this.

Is this a LightBurn camera?

Is there a ring around the lens with 6 notches? If so, that’s the focus ring and can be rotated to focus.

Or else can you take a clear photo of the lens?

Yes, it’s a LB camera. There is no ring around the lens, but I did manage to move it and I think it’s in focus but the wizard still isn’t seeing the pattern.

Focus is relevant for that so important to have covered it.

Camera calibration is a very commonly cited issue on this forum. Have you searched the forum for common remedies?

If you have something unique or insurmountable post details here.

As I stated in my question, I’ve read other posts about this. And, my question is the unique or insurmountable details.

It sounded like the posts referenced were specific about how to focus which you indicated you addressed by moving the location of the camera.

Are you still trying to address focus? I had thought you had moved onto getting calibration completed.

If still on focus, can you take a photo of the camera and the lens? Include any identifying markers. Someone else may be able to help identify the camera and how to focus.

If you’ve moved to calibration, can you call out the details that make your situation unique from other posts?

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