Camera overlay only taking pictures of the first row


Currently I am trying to get the camera overlay working on my Creality Falcon, where I created a custom camera mount for it. I did set successfully up the “Calibrate camera alignment” with the “camera is mounted to the laser head” option. But when I am trying to create the overlay is only taking pictures of the first row in the back, by then the capturing overlay progress bar has reached 10%, then it stops generating the overlay and finishes it…

What gets generated:

For the people interested in my camera mount:

Anybody got an idea how to capture the complete bed?

I’m not certain but I don’t think the whole bed would normally be captured.

If you select an object on your workspace and then hit “Update Overlay” does it scan within the proximity of the object?

Thanks for your response,

That seems to work better and is doing multiple rows now!

But not when the complete bed is selected (Even selected if I create full width/height rectangle). It looks like the software is getting stuck or something trying to capture the complete width.

The head mounted camera is not nearly as well tested or widely used as the overhead camera.

I’m not familiar with all the expected use cases for the head mounted camera. It’s possible that it was never intended to be used for large areas but not certain. Is it always a set total area that the camera is able to cover?

The issue only seems to appear when its reaching the right end

Its working fine when I keep a bit of free space on the right so I think its a bug in the software maybe:

(Don’t mind the overlapping, it seems not been configured well enough that its perfect…)

Ah… very interesting. May very well be a bug of some sort.

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