Camera Overlay Question- overlay placement does match camera location

Hi I have an Xtool D1 Pro with the extension. I have a camera on one end hoping to capture one half of the work area so that I can utilize the overlay feature when placing files. However when I capture the overlay it takes the photo of the area but when it places the overlay in LightBurn it appears in the middle of the work area vs the top half of the work area.

How do I change this so the overlay is placed in LightBurn in the correct area?

Thank you!

Is this to say that the camera can only see half the bed?

If so, have you gone through lens calibration and camera alignment? And were you able to properly capture the camera alignment targets given your camera placement?

What you’re attempting may be a little tricky. You may be able to coax it to work but you won’t be able to get around having to complete camera alignment and you’ll need to be able to see all 4 targets with the camera to do so which may be difficult if you can only see one half ot the bed. And making the target size smaller will reduce the potential accuracy of the process.

Is there a reason you couldn’t attempt to view a larger portion of the bed?

I changed the mounting location to the end of the bed because I built a box… to have it capture most of the bed I have to mount the camera at about 23” above. I had it working when I did this however since building my box I had to take it down. Was just hoping to use it one one end vs figuring out how to get it mounted with the new box (it’s just to get me by so it’s top is made out thick plastic material. Sounds like it’s the way LightBurn has the camera configured expecting you to view the whole bed.

It definitely won’t work without realignment in the configuration that you have. The camera wouldn’t necessarily need to see the whole bed. It would need to see the alignment targets. Normally you’d want the targets spread out as far as reasonable but that would only make your challenge bigger. If you can manage to see just enough of the targets in the camera view LIghtBurn will dutifully just cut-off the portions of the bed the camera cannot see.

I recently faced this problem . A 16mp an aliexp camera 112 (aud) with manually adjustable zoom lens solved it by the increase in resolution.
I could not select a small part of the bed like we might expect to be able to.
I wish I knew just how the camera setup worked as in theory we should be able to use a small area with a 2mp camera that would have more useful resolution …Perhaps this may get an overhaul in time . Having a hires camera really opens great options for better work flow .
I guess we are lucky to have what we do .

It uses OpenCV for this which is open source and well documented.

Take a look:
OpenCV: Camera calibration With OpenCV

Hey Thanks for that .Just what I needed to get my head around the process.

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