Camera picture glitching

I installed the Lightburn camera with 60 degree lens. I am guessing it is how I routed the cable. But the picture is glitching out and flashing when it is turned on and when i turn on the laser it freezes. I have the 50w blue and grey ebay laser. Is that because it is running too close to the power wires is there another way to route it. Currently have the wires routed to the side and out the plugs on the side. If that makes any sense. image

Are you using an extension cable of any kind, or just the cable it came with?

There is an extension cable since my computer is another room.

That will be the cause. USB cables have a maximum rated length of 5 meters (16.4 feet) before the signal needs to be amplified. If your total length is longer than this, you need an active repeater cable (basically a 1-port USB hub).

Thanks that works out i just need to get the power supply to my extension. i didn’t think to add the extra 10ft from the camera. The extension i using is active i just need the power. Thank you again for the quick response. Really like your products.

Got power to the camera and it is a lot more stable now the issue is in the camera control. The view is squished but when i update overlay it is fine. Is there a way to fix that live view?

What happens if you drag the camera control window out a little? The preview should automatically scale to fit.

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