Camera placement versus Actual Cut/Burn

I just set up my laser yesterday, I calibrated the camera lens as well as the camera alignment. I got it all set up. Followed all the steps to set up the camera lens and alignment, but I’m still having serious issues. I update my overlay, place my text on my object where I’d like but when I start the burn/cut it’s in a different location. Also my overlay is looks funny almost reverse of the item I have on the bed

I added some photos of my issue, help!

Can you show a picture of the overlay and then one of the item on the bed? If the overlay looks wrong, that could be why it’s not working - if you tag the markers in the wrong order it will do strange things.

Also, you’re using it with an Ortur, which means you don’t have a movable Z height bed. Make sure when you do the camera alignment process that the distance from the top of the material to the laser is the same as when you use it to update the overlay and do captures.

I’m going to upload a picture during the day tomorrow, I’ve been working on different ways for a few hours.

I want to make sure I understand what your saying as far as the camera alignment. Are you saying I need to do the alignment process with the item in the cutting/burning work space? Or I’m not exactly sure if I understand what your saying.

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