Camera problem hookup

No camera is displaying to calibrate. It’s showing as connected my computer but no image in lightburn? Anyone know the secret to fix?

What operating system do you run?

Windows 10 and the lightburn was just purchased. My web camera works and will display the camera and the lightburn camera is there as an option in the software but nothing displays.

If you run the Windows Camera app, and click the camera icon near the top-right to flip to the LightBurn camera, do you get an image there?

Egh… not an IT guy

A couple things to check:

  • Try another USB port
  • Try rebooting your PC (windows updates that are pending can do weird things)
  • If you have another PC you can try, check that

If none of those work, I’ll assume it’s damaged or defective and we’ll send a replacement. Check those and let me know.

Hi Oz,

So- when I reset the computer for updates it added the camera. Now my follow-up issue is Lightburn isn’t seeing the camera. It’s listing it as there, but no picture. The web cam has a picture, but not the lightburn camera in lens calibration wizard. I did see picture in my windows camera app

If you see a picture from the camera in the Windows Camera app, then the camera itself is ok. In the settings, change the ‘Camera Capture System’ (at the bottom) from ‘Custom’ to ‘Default’ - that generally works.

Thank you Oz! You are the man!

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