Camera query- bed vanished or struggling to appear

HI, I had the little USB camera showing the whole 2500 x 1300 laser bed, and had calibrated it tolerably. in other words, I was using it as a viewing spy-screen, and not for anything accurate.

I unplugged it for 2 months, upgraded L’burn, and plugged it back in yesterday.
Now the screen image starts to fill and gets headaches and cannot pan the whole way down.
If I hold my hand in front of it, it;s OK, and the hand fills the screen.
Take your hand away, and only the first 2-3 ft of the bed is shown and the rest is a greyed out struggle to appear.

Am I the only one with this problem?
Will I have to recalibrate it after every version upgrade?


PS Windows 7.

That sounds like it might be a driver issue, or possibly over-exposure. If your hand fills the screen, but not the bed image, is your bed extremely brightly lit?

Are you using the LightBurn camera, or another USB cam? (We support anything, just asking so I know if I need to ask other questions about it)

Thanks for the reply. The bed lighting is only average to middling. Not great. The ceiling is 10ft from the floor and the usb camera is screwed up there in the only place I could get the whole laser bed to fit in view, and with best view of the front of the bed.

It was an eBay camera, and It comes up in Lightburn for me to select- something like 5102.
The driver I did originally install .
It did display the bed originally, totally.

Maybe lighting is insufficient, as you suggest.