Camera quits frequently

Once the job starts, I use the camera for a live view of the progress, and since I upgraded to 1.0.01 on my Windows 10 machine … my camera quits after a few minutes. I then need to use the camera control tab, select NONE → LighttBurn Camera, and it starts up again - for a few more minutes…

The PC has all the latest Windows updates, and is configured to NEVER sleep.

Do you use an extension cable to connect the camera? Is the USB or any connected hub set to allow USB port sleeping? (not the same as the computer sleeping) if the USB port is shut off to conserve power, that can cause what you’re seeing.

NO. the USB cable is as short as it can be (and before 1.0 came out … it worked fine) NOTHING on this PC is set to sleep.

The camera stays plugged in ALL the time, and now, when I can see it, I can ''update overlay", see it on the design area, then it greys out…

Select Camera = none, then select ‘LightBurn Camera’, ‘update overlay’… and within seconds … GREYED OUT.

Wash / Rinse / Repeat.

sometimes the camera stays ‘valid’ for 20, maybe 30 seconds… then – nothing.

My camer is now basiclly… useless

There is NO extension… the camera is right into the USB port, nothing is in between. I think the cable is about 2 meters.

and yes… it\s a new cable - never been traumatized, nor moved since it was installed. And the camera is FIXED above the laser bed, and does NOT MOVE. (aka; it’s not on a lid)

Oh, AND the cable is inside conduit to prevent any external impact or displacement, and has toroid coils on the cable to reduce any RFI.