Camera recognised but does not display a picture

I am running 1.2.01(fault present on previous version) on a MacBookPro with Big Sur.
The camera is recognised and will work ok in QuickTime. LightBurn sees the camera in the dropdown but does not display anything when selected. I have tried switching to the FaceTime camera with the same results.
I went into the Calibrate camera menu’s and they don’t display anything either.
I haven’t used the camera for some time but it was working with a much earlier version. I have looked through the messages but all the ones about the camera seem to be Windows based.


It has now started crashing. Here is the crash report.
crash.txt (92.2 KB)

I’m a bit disappointed that there has been no input from LightBurn after five days. I don’t expect them to drop everything and attend to my question, but it is odd when you see questions posted after yours getting a reply from LB. I had been hoping to use the camera for a job but it was not to be. Although I think LightBurn is an absolutely superb program I do think that it would help if they had a bug reporting system, rather than just a Question section. I still have no camera display, and LB crashes so its been a frustrating few days.Sorry if this sounds like a whinge.

Hi Chris,
I am also new to Lightburn (LB). I have used it for a month or so but bought a new MacBook with the M1 chip and haven’t got it operational yet.

In looking at your post, I gather that you do have LB and your laser functional so this may not help you at all.

A couple of things I did learn when operational on my other MacB.
1st was that the camera requires a USB2 cable, etc; USB3 will not work. (I did not try USB3)
2nd I had problems with the USB ports; sometimes plugging into a different port made a difference.

With this new MB with the M1 chip I have not been able to connect to my xTool D1 laser with LB (I really like this LB software) I may have to bite the bullet and load it up in windows (I have win 11 running through Parallels (no bootcamp needed with the M1 and Parallels upgraded software)

Good Luck!

My apologies for the delay, I don’t know how this got overlooked.
I’ll push it to the internal channel immediately.

I feel that there may be a few missing pieces of information.

Is your MacBookPro (Big Sur) a recent hardware upgrade?
Which operating system do you have currently?
Has this particular MacBookPro worked previously with your Ruida Controller?

There’s a great deal of discussion around the FDTI driver and challenges that Mac has communicating with the UDP communication protocol used by the Ruida controllers but I digress.

When the camera was working with an earlier version of LightBurn, do you recall which version this was?
Is the Computer / OS from when the camera was last working identical other than the LightBurn Update?

One last thought - For the camera fitted to the cabinet of your laser.
How long is the cable?
What kind of ends are on it?
Are there Ferrite beads on the cable?
Any hubs or adapters on the camera cable?
Which port is the camera connected to on the MacBookPro?

There are so many possible combinations here that I have to confirm.

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