Camera sees bed but image is distorted after calibration

The atttached photo shows what my camera sees vs what lightburn shows after calibration. I have tried 2 times and it’s just not working correctly.

I bumped my camera so I am realigning and calibrating it. Now it’s giving crazy results. Ideas?

When clicking/confirming the targets, are you sure your did them in exact numerical order?

100% positive they were clicked in the correct order. I believe this is more of a calibration issue than alignment. Am I wrong?

If you redo the calibration, you also have to redo the alignment, or the results can be weird. Maybe not that weird, but it’s feasible. And if you were able to see and click the targets, then the lens calibration and un-distort is doing what it’s supposed to.

I have redone both 3 times now. The picture for the alignment part is crystal clear and looks really good. But after it is done and I click update overlay this is what I get…

The bulk of the camera code has been rewritten for the pending release. I’ll send you a PM.