Camera Selectable Then Grays Out

I have a brand new LIghtburn 5MP, 120 degree camera I just installed placed overhead an Elegoo Phecda. The camera connects to Windows 10, is recognized by it, and I can pull an image from the camera in Lightburn. I can update the overlay, trace, and save settings for the camera in the first 20 seconds of connection, but then after that, all buttons for Update Overlay, Trace, and Save Settings are grayed out and no longer selectable. I can go back to the Camera: dropdown and select none, then reselect Lightburn Camera and it allows me to do the same actions as before but 20 seconds later, it locks me out until I reset it again in the same way.

This doesn’t affect the overall functionality of the camera and I’ve calibrated and aligned it which is giving me great results down to the millimeter, but it is annoying that I only get 20 seconds of control before having to reset it. Is this the way the software works, did I connect something wrong, or is there some checkbox somewhere I haven’t found?

Hi Chris,

That’s certainly not the experience we want you to have out of the box - but we do have some options here.

Go to ‘Edit > Settings’ and try changing which camera driver you are using, in the bottom left corner of the window. What are you using right now?


It was set to Custom Camera System. I tried setting it to Default and it seems to have the same issue. A few seconds after I Update Overlay, all the options gray out. I can still change Width, Height, X and Y Shift though.

That sounds like a spotty USB connection. Is the camera getting hot, by chance? This rarely happens.

Are you using a USB hub or extender between the camera and your PC? If so, please remove it and see if the issue persists.

If you have an alternative PC to try I would also be curious to see if the behavior transfers between PCs.

I was using a USB extender because my control computer is in a different room from the laser. I removed it and tried it on a different computer and it seems to have resolved the issue. It’s a 10 ft cable and could probably have been shorter but I wouldn’t have expected it to affect it to that degree with a spotty connection, but then, it was a cheap cable so it’s entirely likely too.