Camera, Set up, No image from Camera

I will start this with, new to the Laser, Been using Lightburn for a few weeks now, Love it by the way, keep up the great work.
OK, here is my issue, (yes I did search first but old time that matches closest is closed as of last decmeber and didnt see the how to fix part)
New Nova 24, New Lightburn camera, Running on a Mac Laptop… When I go to set up the camera, I have two options to choose from the Lightburn camera and my FaceTime camera. I pick the light burn camera and go to the set up menu, and nothing shows in the box where i should see the camera working. Not seeing any image or video at all. Just a blank screen under the text box of instructions. I will also say, I am not at the location of the laser and camera now, at work and I have the laptop, but not the camera with me. It is the New 74 4K camera I just got in the mail a few days ago, running on Mac Mojave Software. I figure it is aa simple fix, probably a security setting or something easy, with your software working so nicely and efficiently and it being your camera, I figure it is an easy fix i am just overlooking. I will preface with I have plugged it into different ports on my laptop, (only two) both show it is there, Both work. I can plug the laser into ether port and the laser works. Thanks in advance and I hope you all are safe and healthy.

If you have the 75 degree / 4K, I’ll have to go digging. I haven’t been able to get that working on a Mac either, so there might be drivers needed.

I’ve been digging into this for a few hours and I’m not sure what to tell you - it looks like the drivers or the camera just don’t play nice with MacOS - possibly just on Mojave, which apparently added some new permissions. I can’t get it to show an image in FaceTime either.

What laser / size are you using?

Its the nova 24, I can get the facetime camera to work. Cruddy dud, Well hopefully between all of us we can find a fix or driver fix for it. heheh, I hate to buy another camera and I didnt even think of telling the sales person when I was ordering it via the conversations via email that I was running a mac, never thought about it being an issue.
Thank you so so much for trying.

Thank you so much for trying. I appreciate you.

When I said I can’t get it to work via Facetime, I mean selecting that 4K camera from Facetime doesn’t show an image. Does yours?

I use a desk top for my edits if you will and send to a external drive, so I can pull it up via my laptop when I am at the laser, I may ask later how I can barrow a license or download the trial for an old windows based computer I have if I cant figure out a fix, at least to see if I can get it working on a windows laptop. I cant answer any questions about the windows laptop, Im not a windows user, I had to have it to program a ham radio so that was the only reason I have it. Thanks again for always being so willing to help us

If you need an extra license seat to let you use the camera on that Windows machine, I’d be happy to add that for you. You’ll have to PM me your license key - I assume it came with the Nova 24, so I won’t have your name / key on file.

Thank you so so much sir. I will send you a pm in a few with he information.

No sir, it did not, However, I wanted to let you know That I did get the software loaded onto a windows version laptop and it is set up in the shop along side the laser now and all is working, I got the laser camera set up, calibrated etc, I could not be more happy. Thank you so much for all your help.
If the camera ever starts working with he mac, I will let you know how I got it working, but I honestly doubt I ever will mess with it, since it is working via the windows version laptop. Thanks again for all your help and keep up the great work, you guys make awesome products. I am thankful for how helpful each and everyone of you are and your willingness to help others. It will pay off. Thank you again.

Real quick question before we close this topic, does that camera have a little focus ring on it like some of the other topics on here, I think it may need a little focus, but not 100% sure I want to go twisting on anything since it is so tiny, with out knowing for sure if it does. Thanks again and have a blessed week.

If the camera is the 75 degree, with the metal square around the black lens, it’s auto-focus. The picture you see at full screen should be good. When zoomed in it will look a little pixelated, but that’s normal. You can click the ‘Fade’ switch to turn off the image dimming and that will make the capture considerably clearer, just harder to see your design.

That makes perfect sense. Thank you so much, that is what I am seeing.
Thanks again for all your help, it is greatly appreciated. I appreciate you and I hope you have a blessed weekend.

PS, keep up the great work, your software and hardware works perfectly and I am blessed to have it.

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