Camera settings seem to change

Once I have my camera setup and dialed in, I can use the camera to burn text or images all day long and it works perfectly, however every time I shut down for the day and then try to use the camera again the next day, it is always off again on placement of the burn. I seem to have to recalibrate everything again. Is this normal or what am I doing wrong?

It’s not normal, but it’s common if your lid doesn’t open to the same place every time. Any movement of the camera relative to the top of the material will affect the alignment, so you have to make sure it is always in the same position. If the calibration is always off a little on the vertical (Y) axis, this is what’s happening.

You also have to make sure to set the material to the focus height first, then capture, and that height (the top of the material) has to be consistent so it’s always the same distance from the camera. If you have a lens tube that you use to adjust focus, instead of raising & lowering the bed, that will cause problems too, as will side-to-side play in the lid hinges.

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