Camera Settings Shared?

I use two laptops for Lightburn. My question is will I have to do two separate calibration/alignments? Or is there a way to share the settings ?

There is a way to share the settings, though it’s a little cumbersome:

  • Run LightBurn on the machine with the settings to be copied
  • Go to File -> Open prefs folder
  • Copy the prefs.ini file to the other machine, somewhere you can find it.
  • Run LightBurn on the 2nd machine
  • Open the prefs folder on that second machine
  • Quit LightBurn - this part is important, because LightBurn saves the prefs when it closes
  • Copy over the prefs on the 2nd machine with the file from the first one

That’s it. When you run LightBurn again on the 2nd machine, all the prefs from the first system will be on the 2nd one, including the camera settings, cut settings, and everything else. I’d like to have a way to export and import the settings so they could be moved easier without affecting everything else, but I don’t have that yet.

Thank You For your help