Camera setup help

Having difficulty with setup of camera. Boss 3655 laser ordered 90deg camera distance to bed 1300mm bed dimension 1400x900mm when I try to see the cross hair marks the are washed out like it’s too far away tried blocking the light. Tried mounting closer, the clarity comes when it’s 650mm from bed but that cuts off half the bed. I’m trying to trace a tool and send it to cut outline of tool. Any suggestions. (Camera alignment cross hair).

Have you focused the camera? They are manual focus, with the notched focusing ring around the lens. If you use the Windows Camera app to view the camera full screen, you should be able to get the focus fairly clear.

I’ll try that it seemed to be ridged and not moveable

There can be a small blop of glue on the lens to hold the lens in place. Carefully remove that and you should be able to apply a little amount of twist pressure and it should move. Gently.

Any cameras purchased within the laser 5 months or so shouldn’t have that - I’ve had the manufacturer leave that off, because they generally require focusing, but they can still be a little bit stiff.

Ah sorry, good to know.

Good help. Can’t wait to try that Tues

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