Camera setup works once and then doesn't work next time

I Setup my Atomstack AC1 camera on my Atomstack A5 laser. I was able to calibrate the camera successfully and was able to throw a random test material within the bed of the laser and throw some text on in a random location.
Using Absolute coordinates, I was able to frame the text in the location on the test material. It worked great!
The next day when starting up the computer, laser and the camera, threw in laser bed a random test piece and threw some random text in place and updated overlay, everything looks as it should.
However when I frame the text, it is not framing in the location which is shown in the camera overlay.
Am I missing something?
I hope I don’t have to re-calibrate every time I need to use the camera.
I am hoping this is a simple fix.
Thank you in advance for advice.

Did you move the camera or laser / bed at any time? Once calibrated, the whole setup must not be moved anymore. Not a millimeter.
Did you use a workpiece of the same height? You can’t use any other height than the calibrated one.

Are you still in Absolute Coords or did it get changed to something else?

Nothing was moved.

I did shut down the computer and the laser and fired it up the next day and started fresh.

Threw in the same work piece and added some text and it worked the first time and then when I moved the text within LB, the setup would not properly locate the text on the work piece where I had placed it in LB.

I give up on this camera setup and the repeatability.

It’s quite fiddly sometimes. There was an announcement of a major upgrade of the camera feature, once it’s there, everything will be easier, I guess :slight_smile:

Yo tengo exactamente el mismo problema y no se como resolverlo. Yo tengo el laser de AtomStack A24 Pro con la carcasa B3 para los humos y lleva incorporada la camara he realizado ya varias veces la Calibración de objetivo y cámara y la superposición empezó funcionando bien y al día siguiente ya no graba donde tenía que hacerlo.
Espero encontrar pronto una respuesta a esto.