Camera suggestion besides the LightBurn one?

It would be possible to have the Z set to the same place every time if I can find some way of sending a simple g-code command to move it there.

The DSP controller in a Boss Laser speaks a proprietary protocol, not GCode.

I’m working with our camera supplier to try some of their other offerings, including higher resolution cameras (8MP) which would help in your case.<<

Go even higher than 8 mp :slight_smile:

Also, please get one that allows the exposure to be manually adjusted.

I am on a Mac and got away with a plug-in gaming Logitech camera which works really well which was a surprise… I can’t remember the model but I will try and find it, it’s not clear on the camera and I don’t want to move the setup…

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The Boss machine I have does not move the laser head up or down. It moves the bed up and down. Maybe on large commercial machines the head moves but certainly not on the LS models.


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