Camera suggestion for 600 x 900 bed

I recently bought a Chinese laser with a work bed of the above size. It could be mounted between 33 to 37 inches directly over the center of the bed. Looking at the Lightburn cameras, all of the 8MP cameras are sold out. Do you have any suggestions as to what I should get? How important is it to get one of the Lightburn cameras that have been set up for Lightburn?
Thank you, Don

In order to choose a camera, you will need to take some measurements of your laser.

We have a great resource to help you with camera selection: Which LightBurn Camera Should I Get?

More information about using a camera is available in our documentation here:

Other than the measurements in the first post, 33 - 37 inches and a 600x900 bed, what other measurements are necessary? Also, I checked all of the Lightburn cameras and the 8MP cameras are sold out - are there others that will work?
Thank you, Don

Hello? Thanks for your response but I believe I responded to your comments.

We have made a few changes to the cameras we offer, so using the links in the software to go to the specific items (95 & 110) which are not made anymore, the software links have not been updated just yet. You can replace these with the 85 and 120 respectively. :slight_smile:

We work with the manufacture to set these cameras to their max resolution, where other off-the-shelf cameras have some limits as to reaching the best possible image to work with. You can use another camera, but “your mileage may vary”. :wink:

Thanks. I ordered the 85 degree 8MP camera. According to the calculation I need a minimum of 22 inches above the worksurface and I’m at 33 - 37, so it should work. Right?

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