Camera update overlay not even/the same as the preview ( see pic )

I tried to realign the camera and that didn’t help at all.

Sorry if this has been answered before but I can’t find that answer.

When you re-did the alignment, did you have the laser re-cut the alignment marks, or did you just re-use the one you did before? (You can’t do that - the laser has to re-do the marks for it to be accurate)

After redoing the alignment it looks a little better but the top is still at an angle. I dont know if the picture on the left is supposed to take up the whole space or not but it’s not working right now.

So I tried to still use that view there and draw some shapes to cut into it.

Where I’m looking on the overlay picture doesn’t translate the same as the actual material. See pic.

yes, i having this issue too. if you mark anything to cut within the 1,2,3,4 boxes then it will be cut very close to accurate. anything that is out of the marking its not accurate as the camera lens capture the images it stretched so most like it will not be accurate

When you run the alignment job with a large machine (which you appear to have), you need to increase the ‘Scale’ value to make the results more accurate. The size of the camera alignment job at 100% scale is 180mm. If your machine is 1300 x 900, for example, you could run the alignment job at 400% scale (180 x 4, or 720mm) and still have room left. The larger you can run it (while still keeping in bounds) the better your results will be.

Would this be considered out of bounds?

should the entire circles and numbers be displayed on the overlay?

Also after this I put a square up here to cut and again it cut a little to the right of it. its not exact at all.

A better question: why are the markers outside of even the raw preview image, and why are they not in a perfect square? It’s hard to say for sure, but it looks taller vertically than horizontally.

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