Camera view / engraving shifted for no reason

After multiple camera calibration (both phases) impossible to position my engraving precisely. The engraving is shifted by +/- 10cm in x and y. Could someone tell me how to fix this problem?
Thank you in advance

Run the Calibrate Camera Alignment under the Tools menu.

Thanks Makingsmoke,
like I said in my topic, I did it several times (both phases) without improvement. The engraving is always incorrect.

Sorry, That’s all I’ve got. Once you have a good Camera calibration you should not have to run it again (it just correct the lens distortion), you can just run the Camera Alignment if the camera gets bumped for future reference.

Check the values for camera offset under the camera tab. Looks like they are set to 100 mm each. Try setting them to 0

Thanks Burgs04,
I’ve checked, they are set to zero. I also tried to change these values to make up for the difference, but it doesn’t change anything, it has no effect at all.

When you chose the 1,2,3,4 markers. Did you do them in order?

When mine engraved they where backwards of what I thought they should be.

They are clockwise from top left to bottom left. I guess that’s the right order?

Yes when the markers are engraved but when they were displayed on the screen they were rotated and I almost put the markers in the wrong spots. I got to the third marker before I realized the layout was different on the screen vs what was engraved.

Is your machine properly homed and zero’d? Is the camera mounted in such a way that it cannot move at all, relative to the laser?

Hello, yes homed each time and the position for sure at zero. The camera is fixed and independent of the machine, so it cannot move. The machine is also fixed.
With each new Calibration the error is the same.

Did you re-use the markers after burning them the first time, or burn new ones? (You have to burn new ones)

I will try again by re-burning the markers. And come back with the results.

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