Camera W95 issues

I have purchased a long time ago the camera: 8MP LightBurn Camera (4K-W) - 95 Degree
From day 1 I have an issue with it.
It freezes from time to time… only when the laser is activated! (so even running the frame option causes the camera to freeze)
First i thought it had to do with my windows 10 machine or with the USB cord.
I have replaced the USB cable and some other stuff oh and since a few days a new pc.

Now this problem still occurs.
The solution is to physically remove the usb in the pc and reinsert it. (and set camera to none and then to lightburn camera)
Do you think that the camera is faulty? Or is there anything else I can do to fix this?

What do you have set for the camera capture system?

Can you clarify? Do you mean freezes in the camera control window while the laser is activated:

If you have a laptop available, try plugging the camera in to the laptop (a computer not running LightBurn) and test the camera in the Windows Camera app while you fire the laser or run frame a job:


I wonder if there is possibly some RF noise emitting from your motors or drivers that is interrupting the camera.

Hello Jeff,

thank you for your response.

  1. It is set to Custom Camera System
  2. It freezes in the camera control window and stays with that image until I disconnect the camera and connect again.
  3. I tested with this setup:
  • first I burned on pc with lightburn and camera - camera froze
  • secondly I burned the same image on pc with lightburn and the camera connected to laptop - camera didn’t freeze
  • thirdly I burned the image on pc with lightburn and the camera connected to laptop and checked in lightburn on laptop - camera didn’t freeze either
    (doesn’t appear like the RF noise is doing anything)

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