Camera wanted can you help

Hello I am new here and am interested in buying and installing a camera in my new 100 watt laser that should be arriving in a couple of weeks. It has a 23" x 39" bed and an awc controller. Which camera would I need if will work on my machine? When will the one camera be in stock if it is the one I need? So many questions. Is there a video that will show me what the camera will do?

The bed size is only half of the information needed to determine which camera to use. We also need to know the mounting height:

If the black shape is the camera, the red and blue shapes show how different mounting heights show how a different mounting height changes how much the camera can see.

You need to measure the distance from the bed of the laser to the inside of the lid (when it’s opened) - with that measurement and the bed size I can help you choose a camera.

Here’s a demo of what the camera can do:

This should help too:

I’m preparing to order a camera and obviously want to make sure I get the correct lens. Thank you for the spreadsheet, but my question is on the bed position. Should I take the measurement to the lid with the bed raised all the way up? I have a 600mm bed length and lid is 31" or 787mm from the bed so I calculate needing a 60 degree lens. My bed travels close to 7" so I anticipate the calibration may need to be run again if I move it down any great lengths.

You measure from the top of the bed when it’s at the focus point of your laser.

The camera is always focused on the top of the material, not the laser bed - If you put thicker material in, you lower the bed to accommodate it, but the top of the material is always going to be at the focus point of the laser. You just have to remember to set your focus height first, then take the camera capture.

Thank you for the quick response. Now that I’ve read that it makes perfect sense. My post New Years Eve mind isn’t thinking clearly Lol.

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