Camera WAY Out of Focus

I’m having issues setting up my camera. Finally got to where I can see it in Lightburn and the focus is really, really bad. I’m running Mac OSX Catalina, camera is connected by a powered USB cord.

I read threads on here mentioning a sticker on the lens with a red dot. Mine did not come with a protective cover on the lens. I have the 8MP LightBurn Camera (4K-W) camera, using on a Thunder 35/100. I will attach a screenshot of how blurry my picture is. I can’t even calibrate as the lens cannot locate the pattern, I get “Pattern Not Found – try again” error.

I have also loaded the camera in FaceTime and it is blurry in there too. I have focused it and nothing changes AT ALL when I move the knob. The lens does not get a better picture no matter what. I’ve spent 2 evenings on this and really need help to figure it out because it’s taking away from my production.

Figured it out! Had to wind the focus ring all the way down until the lens seems like it’s going to fall out … picture is good.

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