Camera will not recognize in Lightburn

LB camera will not recognize in software. The camera works in other software and when calibrating. The camera icon is greyed out. I have a MAC. Any advice

Have light burn and use a Mac. When opening up lightburn the camera icon does not lightup. stays greyed out. It works when opening up other programs such as FaceTime. Any help??

Which camera? What version of macOS, please?

You can force LB to recognize the camera by going to TOOLS\CALIBRATE CAMERA LENS and then pick your camera. Once the software knows what camera you are using it will find it in the CAMERA CONTROLS.

I have a similar problem, but with an IP Camera.
I installed the IPCamDriver, it recognizes the camera just fine, and LB “sees” the driver, but positioning the ‘dot pattern’ on the bed, choosing ‘capture’ … results in - well - nothing.

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