Camera with new LB version

Yesterday I installed the latest release on my Mac at the machine. I did the camera setup and calibration and all that. Worked well. Shut down Lightburn for the night and today upon starting up LB its asking me to re-do the camera alignment again. Whats up?

Do you have multiple lasers connected to your machine? The camera profile is stored with the device settings.

No only the one machine.

I’ll check this on my side. Nothing in that regard has changed, as far as I know, but I did rewrite a lot of camera code for this release, and it’s possible I messed up something.

Did LightBurn crash for you yesterday after you set up the camera? If so, it’s possible that it did not write out the settings. If you close the app after doing the alignment, you can be sure all the settings have saved. (I’ll check to see if I’m saving them after the alignment - it’s possible that I’m deferring until you close)

Ok. and also it could be something that I have done as well. I was messing with the Ethernet settings and all. But I had it on the USB settings when i shut down last night.

Did you create a 2nd laser device / profile within LightBurn to use the Ethernet connection? The camera alignment would be stored with the device profile you were using, so even if it’s the same physical laser, there’s no way for the software to know that if it’s two device profiles.

Yes I did. So there in lies the issue.Sorry for the headache :no_mouth:

So, just to make sure I understand, if you did your camera profile while connected via Ethernet and then switch to connecting via USB cable, Lightburn won’t be able to find/utilize the calibration data? Is this true on a Windows PC, too?

Only if you created a unique device profile, one for the USB and another for the Ethernet connection. If you just edit a single device profile, changing the connection type, the camera profile should still be there.

That is unfortunate. There isn’t a way to copy the data to the other profile? It is much faster to change profiles where there is a communication problem versus editing a profile. This problem crops up sometimes when you have multiple windows of Lightburn open and/or a window of RDWorks open.

The data is just stored in the preferences as text. I don’t have a simple way to transfer it around yet, but I plan to add an import / export feature for the camera information. It shouldn’t take long.

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