Camera's For Eleksmaker A3 Pro - Primarily For Larger Materials

Can anyone advise on a good camera & setting for an Eleksmaker A3 Pro which is primarily for cutting larger materials, bigger than the cutting area of 34cm x 35cm - realistic, safe cutting size on the Eleksmaker.
I’m going to be cutting a lot of stuff at SRA2 size - 640 x 450mm.

Any ideas how far I should set it away from the cutting area?

Does your machine have limit switches, and home itself on startup? If not, you won’t be able to use the camera feature - it needs to use absolute coordinates, and needs a consistent reference point to work from or it will never align correctly.

Thanks for your response. No I don’t think the Eleksmaker A3 Pro homes itself on startup. I thought it would be possible cut reference points on the material. Then use the camera & lightburn to adjust the image to reference them points again. Then cut to the position of that material.

Would this process not work?

It would not work - The camera requires the use of absolute positioning in order to align work properly.

Thanks, I actually just found out that its possible to home the position of the laser with this additional part.