Cameras in stock?

When will 120 cameras be back in stock?

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DHL tried to deliver them yesterday, to our neighbor, then tried to tell me I wasn’t home. Hoping they’ll arrive correctly today.

It is truly amazing to me that a company who’s only job is to deliver packages can fail so spectacularly at it so often.


My K40D came from China, to Korea, then Alaska, then landed in NJ. Then it showed up in TN (based on timestamps by plane), where it went to several processing facilities before coming by ground back to NJ and being delivered. Added a few extra days after the original delivery estimate.

Never had issues with Fedex before. I think they refueled and took the same plane to TN, or at least some grouped pallets off that plane, before they unloaded and separated everything and brought it back.

I had a next day UPS package that arrived at my local UPS center in Topeka, KS but from there it went to Calif. then Missouri, then Iowa, then Kentucky, then Indiana, then Missouri again and the back to my local UPS center in Topeka. Took a total of 4 workings day and a weekend to get the next day air.

Any more 90 or 120 degree inventory coming in soon?

I don’t know the exact ETA but the next batch is already in production, yes.

They still seem to be out of stock on the website. any update on when they will be back in stock?

I emailed the seller this morning, expecting an answer soon. Should be any day now.

do you send out a confirmation e-mail for orders made? i made a order on a 140 degree and just wanted to see if in fact it was being processed.

Order confirmation emails get sent when the order is placed, and shipping emails with tracking info get sent when the order is packaged for delivery.

What name would you have ordered under? I see no Shawn Moore in my system, though I do have a Michael - I assume that’s yours. I’m traveling, but home tomorrow eve, so that one will go out on Monday.

yes that is the name, i did receive the confirmation on purchase, sorry about that. Thank you for your reply.

The next round of cameras has been shipped from China and should be here by the end of this week. I re-enabled the ability to place orders for back-ordered cameras on our website for those who have the itch.


No 80 deg?

Also why is the multiple the same for the 80 vs 90 deg? My height is plenty tall for either the 80 or 90; should I just go ahead and get the 90, or will the 80 be in stock soon? My understanding is that the 80 will be slightly less distorted.

I saw no discernible difference between them, so I dropped the 80 degree one.

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I have a 140 degree LB camera for sale if anyone is interested. Will not work with my laptop and I don’t want to spend money to upgrade old one. It works perfect on a windows 10 machine. Mine laptop is Win 7.

My laptop at work is a win7 machine, and it’s running LB with the camera just great.

Well…mine doesn’t. Had I known it was such a hassle I’d never bought it. And it seems LB doesn’t want to take it back so I’m stuck with it.

The camera is not defective.

I don’t believe they should. It is not defective. It sounds like an issue specific to your computer configuration - we discussed the problems associated with drivers, operating system, and lack of free disk space on your computer before. It is almost like saying that you cannot use the software because of a virus on your computer.

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It’s no big deal…I wasted 85.00. Live and learn, the software is great. The camera just didn’t work for me.