Cameras in Version 9.15


Wow what A GREAT THING YOU 'VE DONE in version 9.15 the auto camera calibration settings what a fabulous idea,you made it so much easier for me

to set up my cameras on my two lasers.

Not to spoil the party but please add this to the wish list

  1. capture the bed image option (button) on the first align screen , Since this is the first screen I am going to I need to set my

camera in the correct place (Position) and when I move it to capture the bed size correctly then I need to start the process again.

  1. can you allow me to rotate and flip the image on the screen from the camera ( the active image that shows movement) on both my lasers its flip diagonally

(see Image below)

Again I just renewed my license and now I am so happy that I did, Pat yourself on the back you did a great Job!


That’s not possible, at least, not exactly - If you haven’t done the camera alignment process, I can’t do a background capture because the mapping isn’t complete yet. I do show the camera preview on the first page of all camera calibration screens, so you should be able to line up the camera from that.

This I can probably do. I have figured out how to rotate the preview image, I just have to add settings to the camera page and pass the setting through to the camera capture system.

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