Can a CO2 laser melt and fuse glass powder frit?

I was wondering if anyone has tried to use glass powder frit on a project.

I have tried, mostly unsuccessfully to fuse frit (powder) with the laser.
I do need to do more experimenting with that but so far have mostly just made a mess.

Please keep us posted on any interesting experiments you try.

Thanks for letting me know. I will let you know how it works out. Powder coating was a bust.

When engraving glass, it’s not melted, the laser is creating tiny thermal stress fractures. That makes me suspect it won’t melt powdered glass either.


That was kind of my take on it. Thermal stress seemed to be “exploding” the bits of powder. I put a layer of powder on a sheet of glass hoping to fuse the powder to the sheet. What ended up happening was that the laser effectively cleared a trench in the powder like it was a snow blower. A very small amount of powder would adhere to the glass, but much of the powder was “thrown clear of impact” with some of it ending up in far corners of the machine. It made quite a mess even at very low settings.

I’m going to play with it some more one of these days but first attempts were not promising.

I’m hoping that HalfNormal will discover a workable technique he can share. :slight_smile:

Try lowering the work surface to spread out the beam power a bit so isn’t so intense.

Yep, that’s my next experiment… defocusing the beam to spread out the power a little.
Maybe next week after the mothers day rush is over.

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