Can anyone help me? Please?

I am struggling! I currently own a CNC plasma cutter and have a nice business with it but I wanted to expand my product line and just purchased the Chinese laser cutter I am at a complete loss. I want to do photographs on wood, glass and metal. I have had one successful picture on wood. However, I have not been able to complete another one. The machine either stops halfway through or goes completely off the wood and engraves somewhere else on the machine, I have only one more week of my trial and I don’t know what else to do. I am even willing to pay someone to walk me through.

It would probably help if you added the brand and model of the laser that you are using along and the laser power to your profile.

I have two suggestions…

Review the documentation we provide as we cover many of these subject you raise, with a focus on completing the Simple Project section. This should give you a solid feel for how to produce what you want using LightBurn.

Second, post your Trial ID, I know a guy, the trial can be extended. :wink:

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