Can anyone recommend a CO2 laser service engineer in the NW London Area (or willing to travel)?

Have purchased a Chinese laser LC1390 (RECI W4 100W / RD6332M) a big machine, but have a number of issues trying to align and calibrate. The machine was purchased for my crafting business and I would really like it up and running sooner rather than later. Does anyone know of or can recommend an expert individual who could visit to set the machine up? Obviously, I would pay for travel and professional fees.

I’m not sure exactly where he’s located relative to you, but Dominic Morrow ( is a good guy and services lasers in that region.

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Fabulous! Dominic called today and aligned the mirrors - I now have a working laser. Thank you so much for this recommendation Oz!

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That’s great! Happy to hear that worked out for you.