Can anyone tell me why in my burn, the last bit of text will randomly go upside-down, even in a text line that is all one line

weirdest thing, I just had some text, and no matter what I did, the last bit of a burn, the laser would go off grid and start going up-side down… frigen weird!! I’m doing a plaque and his last name keeps flipping

Can you post a screenshot of LightBurn and a photo of the burn? It’s hard to imagine what you’re describing.

Also, what does Preview show?

. I have one attached here.
The burn is identical to the screen, minus the upside down last bit of it. The weird thing is, It always does it at the end of the process. Even if I use a separate text string or the last bit of one text string. Quite weird!

I’ll try to figure out a good way to get a screen grab as I use a different computer in the shop if needed to figure this out

Is this on your xTool? This is very odd.

Can you upload the .lbrn file here for review?

Also, can you save the gcode using the button in Laser window? Save with a .txt extension and upload here. I’d like to see if the issue is in the gcode or in how your laser is interpreting things. It looks like the Y coordinates are getting inverted at that point but curious why/how that would happen.

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2022 Attic Mouse of the Year- test file.lbrn2 (134.6 KB)

Here is the file

And yes, Xtool

Oh, And I wasn’t sure how to make a copy of the G Code

In Laser window there’s a button labeled “Save gcode”. Push that. Then when asked for a name make sure to use .txt as an extension.

I don’t see anything inherent in the design that I would suspect of causing this. So I’m leaning toward possibly something in the gcode or something on the xtool side.

In addition to the gcode can you take a full screenshot of LightBurn with this design loaded?

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