Can I buy the software on my phone then download it on my laptop

Can I buy the software on my phone and then download it on my laptop sense it only has my email? I’m assuming if that’s possible y’all would just send a link to my email so that I would be able to download it.

from the site:
we’ll send you a license key that unlocks it permanently, allows installation on up to two machines, and gives you access to free updates for a year. You can read more about the license here: and find prices here: if you have an android device you can download it and use a usb cable to access the phone’s downloads folder from the pc, copy it to the computer and run it. apple lets you access certain folders via usb tether but i don’t know if the downloads folder is one of them.

The software is just the trial version you download from our website. What gets emailed to you is the license key to unlock it, and that is just a string of text - it should be easy enough to get that off your phone onto a computer.

Well I have is iPhone so that could be a problem then right? I have a regular Crome laptop that I would switch it over to, what do you mean that some of the downloads might be unavailable for iPhone? I’m just trying to figure out what I should do as I’m new to software, only been machining for 8 months and am just messing around with a little mini mill that I bought to learn the programming side of things. Thanks for your time and hope to hear from you soon!!

You should try and install the trial before anything, as I don’t think Chromebooks or ChromeOS is supported.

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Blake’s suggestion is a good one. You don’t have to buy anything to find out if the software will work for your setup - use the trial for that. Once you’ve verified that it runs, the purchase just sends you a license key (as a short text key) that you use to unlock it permanently.

Ok thanks, and ya I just downloaded it and everything seems to be running fine, once I get my laser in I’ll activate the free trial. ya the software that came with the machine was junk,you couldn’t program or draw anything and you could only load programs one way lol so that’s what lead me to look and I found your software on a lot of YouTube videos!! Which says something!! Thanks for y’all quick response!!! :blush:

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