Can I change PPI on Ruida Controller?

Based on my cursory research this doesn’t seem possible with a Ruida controller but I was wondering if I’m just not seeing the option? Follow up question, who do I have to pay to make it one?

PPI (points per inch power control) would be a setting in the Ruida controller itself, but they don’t support this.

You could feasibly fake it using Perforation Mode, setting the Cut and Skip options appropriately. What is it that you’re hoping to do with it?

I am somewhat new to the laser game so I was just trying to figure out why I have trouble cutting through stuff. Someone on another forum said it was because my PPI wasn’t high enough and I was wondering if there was a way to change it.

Ahh, well, that someone gave you advice for an Epilog laser, not a Ruida. Welcome to Facebook.

Before you do anything else, you should check your mirror alignment and your focus distance to make sure those are good. (Try a ramp test to make sure you’re focused: )

If you’ve done that, Ruida only has a couple controls that affect power, and doesn’t have the PPI setting (or the issues that arise from it). You can change Min Power, Max Power, and Speed.

You haven’t given any indication of what power your laser is, or what stuff you’re trying to cut through, so any recommendation I make would be a wild guess, but if you fill in those we can probably give you some settings that will get you in the ballpark.

Thanks for the tips!~ So i finished learning how to check / realign the mirrors and cleaned the lens. That definitely helped a lot. As far as what I’m working with:

Nominally it is an “orion motor tech 50w 110v co2 laser engraving machine” which I bought from an auction locally. It is a blue and white chinese laser with a moving bed and 300 x 500 printing area and Ruida controller.

The PSU was bad and so I replaced that with a 40w one.

So after doing these repairs / adjustments I’ve been able to cut cardboard, 3mm acrylic, and 5mm plywood.

So I guess the facebook tough guys that flippantly replied “PPI” and then pretended they were too cool to answer follow up questions were incorrect.

Thanks so much for the quick response! I’m very happy with LightBurn and I’m definitely going to purchase it. Its a lovely program and your support is a breath of fresh air. Thanks gang! I’d say problem solved.

TLDR; 40w Blue and White Chinese Ruida Laser not cutting? Make sure mirror and lens is clean!

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There are a lot of helpful people on Facebook too, and sometimes you get good answers. The problem I have with it is that there are far more people who are new and overconfident, don’t take the time to ask relevant questions, and are more interested in answering first than answering correctly.

You’ll get 10 answers quickly, and one of them might be correct, but you’ll have no idea which one. :slight_smile: For some reason I’ll never understand, many people prefer this over the forum.

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