Can I get a different lense for the camera?

Several months ago I decided to buy one of the LB cameras. I did the calculations and decided that the 60 lens would work for my setup. I placed the order and it came in within a few days. I was pretty excited and opened the box and played with it for a bit. Then I put it away in a drawer where it has set for a couple of months.
Doing lots of Christmas stuff made me realize how valuable the camera would be. So, I made a mount for it and started setting everything up. I quickly realized that I could see WAY outside the bed on both sides. I went back through all the calculations again and still came up with 60 degrees. Finally, I looked and realized (my bad) I ordered a 160 degree camera. This explains why I’m seeing so much of the whole system.
So, is there any way I can purchase JUST a new lens? Should I just start over again and pay for a new camera? Thanks!

I have a couple of spare lenses, but in every case so far where I’ve sent someone a second lens something has happened or gotten into the sensor and they’ve ended up purchasing another camera anyway. They’re very small, and any dirt, dust, or bits of plastic in the sensor will foul the image.

Prod me again after the holiday (Dec 30th) and we can arrange something.

I just replaced my 5mp camera lens with one from Aliexpress, works great and only a few bucks including shipping.

Search for: HD 5MP f2.0 4.5mm M7 67Degrees Viewing Built-in IR Filter Mini CCTV Lens for ALL HD Mini CCTV Cameras

Merry Christmas!

I might have to grab a few variations of these to see how well they work. I see 170 degree too.

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