Can i get the legal copy reactivated

I bought a 4 seat pack last year and fully understand that you get 365 days for updates, i am not trying to get the updates but I need to use my program, how can continue to use the program. I see the other thread about it but not how to continue to use on old software.

You can update to 0.9.09 - your license didn’t expire until Dec 30th, so that one would run for you. You’re likely running a version older than 0.9.05, as we had a bug that would complain that an expired license was an error. That’s been fixed.

ok, i normally dont update a product unless there is a problem, it would not let me do anything. I will pull and update the software and go from there.

We add new features and fix bugs constantly - You can see what’s changed with each new version here:

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