Can i have more than 1 camera


i run a few machines in my work shop, i love using lightburn.

i was wondering can i buy a camera for each machine and set it up ?

Also i was wondering as my computer is about 5 -8m away from my machine if i run the camera on a USB extension cable will that work ?

thanks glen

If the USB extensions are active / amplified cables that are fully USB 2.0 compliant, yes, that should work.

You can have multiple cameras, though keeping them straight as to which one is on which machine when they have the same names might be fun.

@LightBurn don’t forget that we have a new feature coming up that will save the camera used for each configured machine and automatically reload on when switching machine profiles :slight_smile:


would you be able to help me with what cameras i need

i have 2 mahines

Bed size 1400mm * Height for mount cam 1m
Bed size 700mm * Height for mount cam 600mm

What’s the full size for the 1400mm machine? (1400 x 900?)

You will need one additional bit of information to help you and it’s an important bit. You will need to have the distance from your focused workspace bed to the mounting location of the camera. Then follow this post to calculate the correct options.

One of our members also posted this to help you check your math.

Our 8mp camera is designed specifically for larger bed sizes (1000mm plus), so I will offer a link with the calcs for that as well. 8MP LightBurn Camera (4K-W) – LightBurn Software

These cameras are 8 megapixel, with a capture resolution of 3840x2160 pixels, using large, distortion free lenses for excellent picture quality. These are the best choice for lasers with very large working areas, above 1000mm in size.

  • 90mm x 15mm module size
  • Manual focus
  • USB2.0

In order to determine the minimum mounting height for the camera to see your whole laser area, use the wider of the two lengths of your laser’s work space and divide by:

  • 2.4 for the 110 degree lens
  • 1.5 for the 95 degree lens

1400 * 1m
700 * 500

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